Thigh Lift

After losing a lot of weight, an excess amount of skin can be left hanging off your thighs. The thigh lift is designed to remove this excess skin and achieve a tight, well-contoured appearance of the legs. If you have succeeded in your weight loss goals but have not been able to lose the excess skin, Dr. Leo Farrell can perform a thigh lift to provide you with the slimmer shape you’ve been working toward.

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Why Consider a Thigh Lift?

Losing a large amount of weight is a major accomplishment, but being stuck with the excess skin afterward can be extremely frustrating and discouraging. An important thing to realize is that excess skin cannot often be tightened on its own after having been stretched over a long period of time. While diet and exercise are critical to staying healthy and maintaining your ideal weight, surgery is often needed to improve the appearance of loose or sagging skin.

For this reason, the thigh lift can be an extremely life-changing body contouring procedure. The surgery works to tighten the skin along the upper thighs, which will provide you with slimmer, healthier-looking legs to match the effort you’ve put in to losing the weight. Because the skin has lost a lot of elasticity, removing some of the excess skin and tissue helps to achieve a tighter, yet natural appearance.

It is important that you are at a healthy weight before considering a thigh lift. No body contouring procedure should be used as an answer to obesity or an alternative to diet and exercise.

How Is a Thigh Lift Performed?

Dr. Farrell will make an incision along your inner and upper thigh. From here, he’ll get rid of the excess skin and tissue. Some liposuction may be necessary for reducing any stubborn fat in the area. Once the desired contours are achieved, Dr. Farrell will pull the skin for a naturally tighter appearance and close your incisions.

What Is the Thigh Lift Recovery Process Like?

You’ll experience bruising, numbness and swelling after your thigh lift, but those could be gone within as little as a few weeks. You should be able to resume your activities fully in as little as four weeks.

Speak with Dr. Farrell for further details on the thigh lift recovery process. With more than 20 years of experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Farrell can provide you with realistic expectations regarding the recovery period following your thigh lift.

When Will You Notice Thigh Lift Results?

You should notice results almost immediately after your thigh lift. Your skin should feel and look better and tighter, although some bruising and swelling will be apparent at first. It might take a few months to notice the final results, but our patients are often thrilled once they first see their new bodies.

You can maintain long-lasting results from your thigh lift by continuing to live a healthy lifestyle. When paired with proper diet and exercise, you can enjoy the results for many years to come.

How to Get Started with a Thigh Lift

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