Transaxillary Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation utilizing the transaxillary approach is ideal for women with a small amount of breast tissue with little or no breast sagging. The incisions are placed in an armpit skin crease, usually about an inch and a half in length. There are no cuts or scars made on the breast.

This method is best suited for using saline filled implants, but silicone filled implants can be placed using a slightly longer incision. The implants are placed behind the breast tissue and chest muscle.

After surgery, an elastic wrap is placed above the breast to keep the implants in a proper position. Most patients are off work for one week. Patients are advised to refrain from heavy lifting (over ten pounds) for a minimum of two weeks, and from strenuous activity for about four weeks.

Transaxillary breast augmentation has a certain appeal for both patients and the plastic surgeons, because there are no scars on the breast. However, if you require a revision or adjustment of the implant position, you may need a different incision.

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