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What Does a Brow Lift Fix?


Brow lift surgery is used to smooth the deep wrinkles and creases that form across the forehead as we age. In addition to these horizontal wrinkles, brow lift surgery lifts sagging eyebrows and eliminates frown lines, the vertical wrinkles that form between the eyebrows.

During brow lift surgery, skin, muscle, and fat are gently lifted before excess skin is removed. This helps to produce a smoother, softer, and more alert look. Ideal alone, brow lift surgery is often combined with options such as blepharoplasty to address issues including droopy eyelids and dark skin underneath the eyes.

Brow Lift Options

At Farrell Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we offer both traditional and endoscopic brow lift options, enabling our board-certified plastic surgeon to provide the most effective treatment for each patient. Which technique is right for you depends on factors unique to your anatomy and needs.

With an endoscopic brow lift, three or four small incisions are made behind the hairline. Through these, tiny surgical instruments are used to lift muscle and tissue before excess skin is removed. An endoscopic brow lift can smooth the forehead, soften frown lines, and raise eyebrows like a traditional brow lift and is often the preferred technique due to its reduced risks of complications and shorter recovery period.

Dr. Leo Farrell is an experienced and thoughtful plastic surgeon who takes the time to understand the exact needs of each patient he sees. During your initial consultation, he will carefully evaluate your areas of concern to help you determine which brow lift technique is correct for you.

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