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Beautiful Results Tailored to You - And Never Rushed

Taking the time necessary to ensure natural-looking outcomes is a key ingredient to Drs. Leo and Deborah Farrell’s ability to provide consistently elegant results that never appear obvious or overdone — and to do so with less discomfort or downtime for you. “We never hurry through a procedure. That’s how beautiful outcomes are achieved.” coolsculpting logo

“Never have I met more courteous and friendly doctors and staff anywhere! They are just the sweetest people! Great doctors and great staff who make you feel at home.”

Linda, 54, Philadelphia

“I feel taller because I can stand straight. This procedure was truly life changing—I feel so much better about myself. Dr. Farrell’s team is incredibly helpful, professional and welcoming. I love my results!”

Breast Reduction Patient

“I look 5 years younger, she injected lip lines and my mouth area is smooth. Lipstick goes on so much better.”

Filler (Juvéderm) Patient
Woman Profile

Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, P.C. has the procedures you need to achieve your aesthetic goals. Both our surgical and non-surgical options are carefully tailored to each patient's specific needs in order to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. With their combined knowledge and expertise, Dr. Leo Farrell and Dr. Deborah Farrell are uniquely qualified to help men and women feel more comfortable and confident about the way they look.

Dr. Leo Farrell is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in popular procedures such as the facelift, neck rejuvenation, tummy tucks, or breast augmentation. With his years of experience and careful attention to detail, you can head into surgery knowing you are in the best possible hands and that wonderful results await you.

Dr. Deborah Farrell is a laser and cosmetic medicine specialist with an expertise in facial fillers, laser skin rejuvenation, Botox, laser hair and tattoo removal, vein treatments, and more. She believes that all men and women deserve beautiful skin, and she listens carefully to your goals and expectations to provide you with the high quality results you want.

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