Rosacea Treatment in Mechanicsburg, PA

Do you struggle with rosacea? Rosacea is a skin condition that causes areas of redness in the face due to a dilation of small, visible blood vessels. While rosacea cannot be fully cured, it can be treated to significantly reduce redness and associated symptoms and achieve a clearer complexion. Dr. Deborah Farrell uses the VBeam® pulsed dye laser for the treatment of facial veins and rosacea.

Why Consider VBeam® Laser Treatment?

The Vbeam® Perfecta is a pulsed dye laser (PDL) treatment that is ideal for correcting common skin concerns such as sun and age spots, freckles, facial veins, pigmentation, and rosacea. This safe and effective PDL treatment provides patients with noticeable results and requires little to no downtime.

If you are pregnant or taking certain medications such as Accutane, VBeam® may not be right for you. Dr. Deborah Farrell will help find a treatment that is right for your unique situation and desired outcome.

How Is a VBeam® Treatment Performed?

Dr. Deborah Farrell uses the VBeam® PDL to target and reduce hemoglobin (the red protein within the blood vessels) and pigmentation. The VBeam® device is passed over the skin to deliver laser energy via a series of short pulses, using dye to generate the laser beams for enhanced precision. Skin cells are not damaged during the process.

What Is the Recovery Process for VBeam®?

VBeam® is an extremely safe vascular laser that rarely requires any downtime. Side effects such as scarring or infection are extremely rare. There is generally some mild redness following a treatment that resolved very quickly.

When Will You See Your VBeam® Results?

Your face may appear more red or minimally swollen initially after your treatment, but this will usually fade within just a few minutes to hours. With just 3-5 VBeam® treatments, you can expect to see a significant reduction in rosacea symptoms. Dr. Deborah Farrell may recommend an ongoing treatment schedule to maintain your results over time.

Getting Started with VBeam® Vascular Laser

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