Shaving and tweezing on a consistent basis is an annoying part of the weekly routine for many women and men. Drs. Leo and Deborah Farrell can help you get rid of your unwanted hair with their professional waxing services in Mechanicsburg.

Facial waxing services, including eyebrow, lip and chin waxing may be added to any skin care service.

Why Consider Waxing?

Waxing can get rid of hair faster and more effectively than traditional methods such as shaving or tweezing. If you’re a busy person or are just frustrated with managing hair in unwanted places, you’ll enjoy the fact that professional waxing can keep the treated area free of hair for as many as six weeks. This could also make waxing an excellent option before your summer vacation or at any other time you’d rather not be bothered with tending to your undesired hair.

How is Waxing Performed?

Waxing is a simple and effective method for removing unwanted hair. One of our certified and highly trained physicians will apply a topical wax to your skin that will bind your hair to a piece of cloth. The cloth will then be pulled off, taking with it any unwanted hair from the treated area. Depending on the amount of hair being removed, your treatment can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes.

What is the Waxing Recovery Process Like?

There will be some discomfort involved during the waxing process. However, this is only extremely temporary and you will be able to return to your normal routine immediately without any downtime. Drs. Leo and Deborah Farrell will carefully go through the aftercare instructions with you, although no special steps are normally required.

When Will You Notice Results?

Following your waxing treatment, you can head straight to the water in a bikini and not have to worry about the unwanted hair. Waxing gets rid of hair quickly and you can enjoy the smooth, hairless skin for up to six full weeks. Many of our patients choose to undergo regular waxing treatments, or simply stop by before a summer vacation or weekend trip to the coast.

How to Get Started with Waxing in Mechanicsburg

To get started with waxing in Mechanicsburg, contact Drs. Leo and Deborah Farrell at Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center at 717-732-9000.

“Never have I met more courteous and friendly doctors and staff anywhere! They are just the sweetest people! Great doctors and great staff who make you feel at home.”

Linda, 54, Philadelphia

“I feel taller because I can stand straight. This procedure was truly life changing—I feel so much better about myself. Dr. Farrell’s team is incredibly helpful, professional and welcoming. I love my results!”

Breast Reduction Patient

“I look 5 years younger, she injected lip lines and my mouth area is smooth. Lipstick goes on so much better.”

Filler (Juvéderm) Patient
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