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Piercing, tearing or trauma may have stretched or torn your earlobes. However, you may not have to live with these problems forever. Dr. Leo Farrell, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, may be able to restore the appearance of your ears with an earlobe repair procedure.

Why Consider Earlobe Repair?

As mentioned, your earlobes may have become stretched or torn as a result of piercing, accidental, or trauma from injury. If one or both of your earlobes are somehow damaged, earlobe repair surgery may be for you. Contact Dr. Farrell to learn whether earlobe repair could improve your appearance.

How Earlobe Repair is Performed?

Earlobe repair surgery may be simpler than you expected. Dr. Farrell will carefully excise some skin near the relevant area. Then, he’ll apply sutures. You may or may not need to get them removed at some point, depending on the kind of sutures that are used.

Don’t worry too much about pain during this procedure. You’ll receive local anesthesia, which should numb the relevant area.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Earlobe Repair Surgery?

The best candidates for earlobe repair surgery are people whose earlobes are torn or overly stretched due to piercing or trauma. Earlobe repair surgery is minimally invasive, but still requires some pre and postoperative care. Good candidates must be able to follow these directions to minimize any risks.

How do I Prepare for Earlobe Repair Surgery?

You may need to temporarily stop taking certain medications in the weeks leading up to your earlobe repair surgery.

On the day of your surgery, you will want to come to our office in something comfortable. Earlobe repair surgery is an in-office procedure performed under local anesthetic. Many patients can drive themselves to and from the procedure.

We will discuss preparation with you in greater detail as your surgical date approaches to help you plan accordingly.

What Is the Recovery and Aftercare for Earlobe Repair Surgery?

There will be some limitations on certain activities for the first few weeks of recovery. It is important that nothing be done that could irritate or open the sutures. After four weeks, you should be able to resume all normal activities.

Aftercare requires keeping your incisions dry and clean. We will provide you with instructions to help ensure the most pleasant recovery possible.

How Soon After My Procedure Can I Start Wearing Earrings Again?

After the earlobe has healed completely – which may take up to 12 weeks – it should be safe to pierce your ears. During your follow-up visits, we can help you determine when you have recovered enough to start wearing earrings.

Will the Results of My Earlobe Surgery Be Permanent?

Barring trauma or stretching of the ears with gauged or heavy earrings, earlobe surgery should be permanent. During the procedure, tissue is removed and repositioned, resulting in a permanent change to the shape and size of the earlobe. Trauma to the ear or wearing large or heavy earrings can, however, allow tissue to stretch once again, essentially undoing the results of your procedure.

What Is the Earlobe Repair Recovery Process Like?

The recovery process for earlobe repair may also be simpler than you anticipated. Dr. Farrell may advise you to apply an ointment to your wound. He may also suggest silicone gel injections or sheeting.

There will be a permanent scar following your procedure, but it will lighten and fade over time. Most patients do not mind a minor scar if it means fixing the damage to their earlobe.

For full details on what you can expect during your recovery from earlobe repair in Mechanicsburg and advice on how to best manage this process, speak with Dr. Farrell.

Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Farrell and his whole team were amazing during my loved one’s recent surgery. They were always kind, friendly, caring, and understanding each time we met. It was difficult to find someone to trust to operate on my loved one, but they embraced my family and put our fears at ease. Dr. Farrell and his team went above and beyond to make sure that we were able to schedule the surgery in a timely manner.

Dr. Farrell is a wonderfully talented surgeon and we are very pleased with the results of his surgery. I will be forever grateful the service and care we received!”

When to Expect Your Results Following Treatment

Speak with Dr. Farrell about your desired results and when you might expect to notice them. He should be able to provide an idea of what your earlobe(s) will look like afterward and a timeline for noticing the results.

How to Get Started with Earlobe Repair in Mechanicsburg, PA

To get started with Earlobe Repair in Mechanicsburg, contact Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center today.

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