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Scarless Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast implant augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country including Harrisburg. It provides additional cleavage, improves the breast contours, and results in a larger cup size for women looking to enhance their breasts. If you’re interested in a breast enhancement procedure, Dr. Leo Farrell may be able to give you the results you’re looking for with your own customized breast augmentation treatment in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Dr. Farrell’s breast augmentation options include a unique approach that places incisions beneath your arms for a “scarless” breast augmentation.

Why Consider Breast Implant Augmentation with Dr. Farrell?

Breast augmentation can be performed to increase the fullness and size of the breasts. Not only will this procedure improve your appearance, but it might also provide you with an enhanced quality of life and improved self-confidence.

Women who have gone through one or multiple pregnancies often pursue breast enhancement as a means to regain the youthful shape and volume of their breasts from before they had children. Breast implants can also be used as a means to improve the effects of aging or weight loss.

Because breast augmentation is such a highly customizable procedure, Dr. Farrell can tailor your treatment based on your unique expectations and body type. With several options available, including breast implant type, incision location, implant placement, and more, you can achieve your own desired silhouette.

Dr. Farrell offers a scarless breast enhancement approach to breast surgery, which places incisions within your armpits rather than on the breasts. With this breast augmentation method, scars are minimized and kept out of sight. Your surgery is meant for you, and you alone. This scarless breast augmentation helps to keep it as your secret to tell.

How Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

A breast cancer screening may be necessary prior to beginning your procedure. During your breast augmentation at our Mechanicsburg surgery center, Dr. Farrell will make an incision in the area discussed during your consultation. The most common incision location will be in the crease of the breast fold, which minimizes any future scar visibility. He’ll then place an implant over or under your chest muscle and, once finished, seal the incisions with surgical tape or sutures. Dr. Farrell also offers Trans-Axillary Breast Augmentation (scarless breast augmentation), which consists of an incision made beneath the arms (in the arm pit) to eliminate any visible scarring on or around the breasts. The surgery takes about one hour and is performed as an out-patient procedure.

Most breast implant patients choose silicone implants because they provide a more natural look and feel while providing each woman with the unique enhancements she desires. We offer the newer “gummy bear” silicone implants, which greatly decrease any risk of rupture, leakage, and other complications. While less common, Dr. Farrell can also perform your breast augmentation with saline breast implants.

Because breast enhancement is cosmetic in nature, your surgery will not be covered by insurance. We offer various breast surgery financing options and accept all major credit cards to help you get the procedure you want, when you want.

As with any procedure, Dr. Farrell believes that time is the secret ingredient and never skips steps or rushes through surgery. Your breast implant augmentation will be performed in the best and safest way possible to ensure your results look both beautiful and natural so you can feel like yourself, only better.

What Is the Breast Augmentation Recovery Process Like?

After your breast augmentation, you’ll likely experience some bruising and swelling. This is completely normal and should be expected, but these will gradually fade as your body heals. The incision lines will also lighten and flatten over time, and they can normally be covered with most bikini tops or lingerie.

Most women will need to take a few days off work following their breast augmentation. It is also important to limit any physical activity or exercise until you feel well enough to do so. For more information on recovering from breast augmentation in Mechanicsburg, ask the doctor before your procedure.

When Will You Notice Breast Enhancement Results?

You should notice an immediate difference in the look and feel of your breasts. Any initial swelling will dissipate within a couple of months, revealing your final results.

How to Get Started with Breast Augmentation in Mechanicsburg

To get started with Breast Augmentation & Enhancement in Mechanicsburg, contact Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center today.

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