Nose Reshaping

For many people, the nose is not their favorite part of their face; in fact, many often say it is the one area they would change if given the option. For this reason, rhinoplasty has grown to one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures in the country. Men and women who are unhappy with the shape, size, or projection of their nose may benefit from a rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Farrell, a board certified plastic surgeon in Mechanicsburg. Call (717) 732-9000 today to schedule your personalized rhinoplasty consultation!

Why Consider Nose Reshaping?

There are a variety of reasons you may wish to consider nose reshaping. Perhaps the most common reason for nose surgery is to alter the size or shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty may be right for you if you are concerned about:

  • The overall size of your nose
  • The shape of your nose
  • A large hump
  • A drooping tip
  • A crooked nose

This procedure may also be helpful if you have experienced an injury that has damaged the structure of your nose. Dr. Farrell may also perform nose surgery to correct certain birth defects or congenital disorders.

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How Is Nose Reshaping Performed?

Your rhinoplasty surgery will be based on your own unique expectations and the current structure of your nose, so Dr. Farrell will create a custom treatment plan just for you. Dr. Farrell will most likely perform this procedure through a discrete incision made inside your nostrils. From here, Dr. Farrell will work to reshape the underlying structure of your nose. This may involve removing some of the cartilage and bone, or adding a customized facial implant.

What Is the Nose Reshaping Recovery Process Like?

You’ll experience some bruising and swelling following your nose surgery. It may be necessary to keep your head raised and fairly still for the first few days. If you’re the active type, you may have to adjust your lifestyle for several weeks. Strenuous activities will need to be avoided until you have healed. You will need to wear a nasal splint for 1-2 weeks in order to help your nose heal properly. Over time, bruising and swelling will continue to fade, and your incision lines will be away from sight.

When Will You Notice Nose Reshaping Results?

It may take as long as a year to notice the final results, but it is important to stay patient and positive. Speak with Dr. Farrell for a specific timeline as to when you may notice the outcome you’re looking for.

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