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Can Lasers Treat Spider Veins?

Woman with tired painful and spider varicose veins

Spider veins are very common. These tiny veins, visible through your skin, often come from aging, genetics, or hormonal changes, and usually aren’t indicative of a health issue.

Whether or not you want to get rid of your spider veins is a matter of personal taste. Some people don’t mind them, but others feel more confident when their skin has a clearer appearance with fewer marks.

Fortunately, lasers can treat spider veins effortlessly. Laser vein treatment for spider veins is simple, effective, and requires very little recovery time.

How Laser Vein Treatment Works

The Apogee™ laser is a safe and effective tool for treating spider veins. With this advanced option, laser and cosmetic medicine specialist, Dr. Deborah Farrell, can gently eliminate spider veins from nearly any area of the body. This treatment addresses only the affected area of the skin. It will not impact or damage surrounding tissue.

Lasers eliminate spider veins by targeting their pigment and warming the vessel. Although it might take a few sessions to get the desired result, your body will eventually reabsorb the vessel and the spider vein will no longer be visible.

Recovery and Results

Laser treatment for spider veins is an appealing option because it is extremely easy and provides predictable and consistent outcomes. Better still, treatment is relatively painless and requires no downtime. The sensation of the laser is often compared to a snapping rubber band or a brief pinch.

After a laser vein treatment session, you do not need to cancel plans or avoid most activities. And since the treatment is so low-maintenance, it is easy to work it into your pre-existing schedule.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your spider veins, it’s nice to know there are safe, effective, and non-invasive options that can restore a natural appearance to your skin. All it takes is a simple, accessible treatment for Dr. Farrell to remove unwanted pigmentation and help boost your confidence. If you are interested in learning more about laser treatments for the removal of spider veins, please call the Mechanicsburg office of Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center at 717-732-9000 to schedule your initial consultation today.

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