Erase Sun Damage with These Life Changing Treatments

Erase Sun Damage with These Life Changing Treatments 64f8e5cfe73de.png

We know that for many of our Pennsylvania clients, there is nothing more satisfying than soaking up the sun’s warm rays. Once summer has passed, we often see many people shocked and heartbroken over the sun damage that is left behind. If you have noticed sun spots, fine lines, and pigmentation taking over your skin, it might be time to consider one of our fantastic skin pigmentation treatments to erase the damage. 

MedLite® Laser Treatment

One of the first sun damage fighting procedures that Dr. Deborah Farrell offers is MedLite laser treatments. Not only does MedLite help diminish the appearance of those sun spots and fine lines caused by the beating heat of the sun. It can be used to improve the skin’s pore size, overall firmness, skin tone and texture.

The laser treatment uses PhotoAcoustic technology, making it stand out among competitor laser treatments. Instead of simply heating the skin, the released waves will vibrate through the skin to help restart collagen production down below. Increasing collagen production will help smooth wrinkles, repair skin damage, and even skin tone. While many decide to use MedLite for specific skin concerns, it can also be used as an advanced tool for overall skin rejuvenation. So if dull, tired skin is your concern, boosting extra collagen production with MedLite may be an excellent choice for you.

PicoSure™ Laser Treatment

Another great option offered at Dr. Farrell’s Mechanicsburg office is PicoSure™ skin revitalization treatments. We often see our Pennsylvania clients seek out PicoSure treatments to help combat those sun spots, brown spots, and to completely revitalize the tone and texture of the skin. Like MedLite treatments, PicoSure promotes increased collagen production to even out these discolorations. PicoSure uses incredibly short pulsed laser technology to go down deep below the skin, while keeping the surrounding skin protected. The pulsed technology is so effective that many use the technology even to remove permanent tattoos, which means you can be confident your sun spots will disappear too.

ProLite® Light Treatment

ProLite treatments are slightly different than MedLite and PicoSure, as ProLite does not use lasers to improve the skin. In fact, it uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to improve sun damage, pigmentation, sun spots, age spots, rosacea, large pores, and skin texture. Releasing pulses of light to the skin, ProLite helps improve hyperpigmentation on practically any area of the body that you choose.

The sun likely found your face, shoulders, arms, and legs during the summer, but now there is a way to completely rejuvenate the skin after the sunny days are long gone. After all, isn’t starting fresh what fall is all about?

Erase Sun Damage in Mechanicsburg

Whether you are looking to improve sun spots or wish for an overall skin rejuvenation, Dr. Farrell has a number of skin treatment options for her Pennsylvania clients. If you are interested in any of these treatments, please schedule an initial consultation with our attentive team today.

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