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Non-Surgical Options for Flawless Skin in Your 50s

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Aging is inevitable, but looking old doesn’t have to be. At Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, we believe that everyone deserves beautiful skin at every stage of life. If you are noticing more spots and discoloration, deeper wrinkles, a loss of elasticity, increasingly larger pores, or any other changes in skin tone, texture, and appearance, we are here to assess your concerns and help you determine how to safely and effectively restore your skin to its healthiest and most attractive state.

Non-Surgical Skin Improvement

Injectables and fillers are among the most popular options for skin rejuvenation after 50. We offer advanced dermal fillers from the Juvéderm® and Restylane® families to add volume to cheeks, mouth area, temples, tear troughs, and more. We also provide BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® to address fine lines and deep wrinkles from the forehead to the chin.

Another popular injectable is Kybella®, a non-surgical option for submental fat (double chin) that can help restore contours to the jawline. Kybella can be used alone or in combination with skin tightening options to help ensure optimal results.

Regarding non-surgical skin tightening, we offer several safe and effective options, including microneedling, laser services, and Thermage®, a radiofrequency treatment that can be used on the face, neck, and more. Skin laxity is common as we age. Fortunately, several non-invasive options can improve this issue without incisions, sutures, or scars.

One of our specialties is laser medicine, a branch of aesthetic medicine that addresses multiple concerns. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Deborah Farrell may recommend laser treatments to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, remove sun and age spots, tighten loose skin, eliminate spider veins, and more. A Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Deborah Farrell is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of laser treatments to address multiple concerns.

In addition to these incredible treatments, we are pleased to offer several med spa services, including facials and microdermabrasion. These services can improve skin tone and texture, diminish pore visibility, smooth fine lines, and more – and all without significant downtime. In between other services or as standalone options, our skin care treatments have been specifically selected for their safety and efficacy.

Ready to Learn More?

The experienced doctors at Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center want to help you look your best at every stage of life. To learn more about how our many surgical and non-service solutions can help you reach your goals, please call 717-732-9000 and schedule a consultation today.

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“I feel taller because I can stand straight. This procedure was truly life changing—I feel so much better about myself. Dr. Farrell’s team is incredibly helpful, professional and welcoming. I love my results!”

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