Is it Safe to Travel After Rhinoplasty?

Is it Safe to Travel After Rhinoplasty? 64f8e47712d65.jpeg

After rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), you will need to take time to rest. Most patients can resume many of their normal activities within one week, but you will likely need to avoid strenuous activities, heavy lifting, and other demanding tasks for up to six weeks. During this time, keeping nasal pressure at a minimum is important. This can help to prevent complications and allow your nose to more easily settle into its new shape.

Air Travel After Nose Reshaping

Long-distance travel is not recommended in the first week following rhinoplasty. Things like hauling luggage and air pressure changes in the cabin can impact the rhinoplasty healing process.

If you are required to travel within the first few weeks of surgery, you must avoid lifting anything heavy. You should also be sure to walk around the cabin every hour or so to help ensure proper circulation, which is essential for the healing process. It may also be useful to keep a nasal spray on hand to help address any congestion. Let us know if you plan on traveling so that we can provide you with additional information to help keep yourself comfortable and reduce your risk of complications.

Getting Back to Normal

During your first week of recovery, swelling and bruising are normal. Your nose will be in a splint for up to two weeks. We will remove this splint when appropriate during one of your follow-up visits.

Most patients can resume non-strenuous work within five to seven days, though bruising and swelling may continue to be present for up to two weeks. By week four, you will likely be able to resume cardio exercises.

Around week six, the bones should be stable enough for you to resume more demanding tasks and exercises, although it could be a few weeks more before full sensation returns to the skin around your nose. Final results can be expected within a year and, once realized, will be permanent.

Remember, healing is unique for every patient. We will work with your recovery period to make sure you remain comfortable and confident in the process.

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