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Three Reasons to Consider a Facelift

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Gravity, aging, genetics, environmental factors, and more affect your facial appearance. Over time, these factors can result in a loss of skin elasticity, the development of wrinkles and creases, and diminished facial contours. And, while progress can be slowed through proper skin care or addressed in earlier stages with dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, only a surgical facelift can fully lift and smooth the skin.

Plastic surgery is a personal decision that must be based on your specific desires and needs. However, facelift surgery offers general benefits that are relatively standard throughout. Three of these benefits include:

  • Redefining the jawline and chin
  • Restoring natural contours to the cheekbones
  • Smoothing deep creases in the cheeks

With facelift surgery, the facial profile can be optimized and natural features highlighted to produce a firmer, more youthful look. Results are predictable and long-lasting, with many people experiencing lifted skin for ten years or more. During your initial consultation at our Mechanicsburg office, we will carefully assess your facial features, discuss your facial plastic surgery options, and help you determine what a procedure may be able to do for you.

…But Am I Too Young for a Facelift?

There is no “ideal” age for a facelift, but the procedure is most popular among people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Before this time, most signs of aging can be addressed non-surgically. However, the best age for you to consider the procedure is whatever age you happen to be when you decide you’d like to.

At Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Leo Farrell takes time to assess potential facelift patients fully. Listening carefully to concerns and thoughtfully evaluating skin elasticity, tissue sagging, and similar issues, he can come to a complete understanding of what will be needed to help you reach your goals. This enables him to provide information about all of your surgical and non-surgical options, and allows you to select the procedures you feel most enthusiastic about.

We are dedicated to helping men and women living in and around the Mechanicsburg area achieve their ideal looks. If you are considering facial enhancement or would like more information about how to address aging skin, please call us at 717-732-9000 and schedule a consultation today.

“Never have I met more courteous and friendly doctors and staff anywhere! They are just the sweetest people! Great doctors and great staff who make you feel at home.”

Linda, 54, Philadelphia

“I feel taller because I can stand straight. This procedure was truly life changing—I feel so much better about myself. Dr. Farrell’s team is incredibly helpful, professional and welcoming. I love my results!”

Breast Reduction Patient

“I look 5 years younger, she injected lip lines and my mouth area is smooth. Lipstick goes on so much better.”

Filler (Juvéderm) Patient
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