Treat Your Rosacea with VBeam® Laser Treatment


Rosacea is caused by the dilatation of capillaries (tiny branch-like blood vessels) near the skin’s surface. It presents as areas of visible redness that can spread across the cheeks, the nose, the chin, and/or the forehead. Beyond its cosmetic impact, rosacea can lead to extremely sensitive skin that can burn or otherwise sting. There is no cure for rosacea, but physicians can effectively alleviate the condition and treat its symptoms.

Among these treatment options is the VBeam® laser treatment, considered the gold standard technology for the treatment of vascular lesions. The VBeam® laser can effectively reduce the appearance of rosacea and its symptoms, among other skin concerns.

Here at Farrell Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, P.C., we are proud to offer VBeam® laser treatment in Mechanicsburg, PA, to help our patients find relief from their rosacea symptoms.

What Is VBeam® Laser Treatment?

Treatments are performed by a medical professional with the Vbeam® Perfecta pulsed dye laser. VBeam® laser treatment can address unsightly facial veins, freckles, sun spots, age spots, general skin pigmentation issues, and rosacea. This minimally invasive procedure involves lessening the amount of hemoglobin (red blood protein) within small veins and capillaries by delivering short energy pulses through the skin. VBeam® laser treatment is entirely safe, doesn’t damage the skin in any way, and requires no significant recovery time. This is beneficial for patients who cannot afford to take significant time away from their routines.

How VBeam® Addresses Rosacea

Because hemoglobin is the primary cause of the red appearance of rosacea on the skin, reducing the amount of hemoglobin in the skin can greatly improve a patient’s appearance. While a patient’s face can look slightly redder and minimally swollen directly after VBeam® laser treatment, these post-op effects typically disappear within a few minutes to a few hours.

After three to five strategically scheduled VBeam® treatments, patients can expect a major reduction in their rosacea symptoms. Periodic treatment sessions may be necessary to maintain desired results over the long term.

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